Val d´Isère

Val d´Isere
Nestled in the Alps along the Tarentaise Valley region in south-eastern France, Val d'Isere is known for its great skiing and exciting night life. The slopes contain over 300 kilometers of runs, and include a park specially designed for snowboarders. For those who prefer to spend their time indoors, Val d'Isere recently completed a new leisure activity center featuring a swimming pool and climbing area.

Olympic downhill gold medal skier Jean-Claude Killy grew up in the region, and the skiing area is named Espace Killy in his honor. The mountain enjoys significant snowfalls, and conditions are normally perfect throughout the entire season, which runs from November through May. Accommodations are available to suit every taste, and visitors have over 200 different chalets and hotels to choose from.

Church Val d`Isere
Three slopes provide multiple degrees of difficulty and skiing styles. Belllevarde has beginner and intermediate runs, but is best known for its off-piste course called the Charvet Tour. The run follows along the beautiful Charvet stream as it descends into the Manchet valley. Le Fornet is situated at the far end of Val d'Isere, and is much less crowded. The trails here are often freshest due to the lower number of skiers, and the quiet can be a pleasant change the resort's normal pace. Glacier skiing conditions exist above 3400 meters. The most popular runs can be found o­n the Solaise slope, where much of the resort's instruction takes place. This slope is usually sunny and features the easiest skiing and the best weather.

Val d'Isere welcomes singles and families alike. The village is home to dozens of nightclubs where dancing begins o­nce the slopes close for the day, and kids can take lessons from professionals experienced in working with children. Val d'Isere a great place to vacation for anyone who loves winter.