Mammoth Mountain
Based o­n a skier's opinion, the best ski resorts in the USA are the o­nes with the best snow. Ask someone who goes to relax with the skier, and they'll tell you the best have restaurants, shopping and spas. Ask a child, and you'll be told the best o­nes have snack shops, game rooms and swimming pools. So we've picked a few you won't want to miss no matter who, or how old, you are.

Our #1 pick? Park City, Utah. Conveniently located near an international airport, with 5-star accommodations and restaurants, everything a pampered leisure seeker might want, and activities close at hand for the little o­nes. Back-country skiing, snowboarding and Nordic (cross-country) tracks are all available. A plus? The Olympic trails and venues are open to and usable by the public.

Crystal Mountains, Lake Tahoe
#2: Lake Tahoe, California. This ski area has it's own small airport, lots of specialty shops, phenomenal views, great snow and everything a family might want to do. A plus? Close enough to drive to Reno, NV for an evening of fun.

#3: The Summit at Snowqualmie, Washington. Well-groomed trails and steep drops will leave you breathless, as well as give your newbies a place to learn. Snowboarders, you'll love this halfpipe! And o­nce you get there, you'll want to stay for the food, views and relaxation you'll find.

#4: Okemo Mountain Resort, Vermont. We picked this o­ne for the snowboarder in us all! Several areas offer various degrees of difficulty. Accommodations and other activities are close by. A plus? Really friendly and very skilled people.

And last, but not least, #5: Giants Ridge Resort, Minnesota. If you're an Alpine or Nordic skier, snowboarder or snowmobiler, you don't want to miss this o­ne! Fantastic snow conditions and Olympic hopefuls...what a treat!

So strap o­n, zip up and push off for the best skiing of your life!