Findeln u. Matterhorn
Because of its distinctive shape, the Matterhorn is o­ne of the most recognizable mountains in the world. It is also quite famous as a goal for the serious mountain climber, despite the fact that it actually is o­nly the 10th highest peak in the world. The name “Matterhorn” is German, the name means “meadow peak”, evidently named for the beautiful area surrounding the mountain itself.

If you are determined to climb the Matterhorn you must meet certain requirements. Rock climbing experience using crampons is a given. Being in top physical condition and taking time to become acclimated to the altitude is also a must. Having a guide climb with you is strongly recommended.

Even for those who would prefer to admire the Matterhorn from a respectful distance, the trip is well worth the effort for the other attractive aspects of the area.

Zermatt is a scenic mountain village that sits at the Matterhorn’s feet. The village is o­ne of those unique places in the world that sits at the endpoint of a train route. There are also no gas-powered vehicles! The usual travel methods are feet or skis although there are also horse-drawn sleighs available. German is the main language, but English is also commonly used. The area abounds with charming little places to eat and a choice of hotels, chalets or apartments to stay at.

Matterhorn South
The town is also surrounded by a ring of other mountains, all over 4000 feet! This naturally makes it a popular ski and climbing location, with the longest skiing season in Europe; the high altitude makes it possible to ski in the summer as early as May. It also boasts eight ski lifts, including the highest o­ne in Europe. Glaciers in the area provide wide flat areas of pristine snow that international team skiers and snowboarders enjoy training o­n.