Kitzbühel - City
Kitzbühel is an Austrian resort area with a rich history going back almost 1000 years since the first settlers established homes in the hills around what would later come to be known as Kitzbühel. The region encompasses the two mountains known as Hahnenkamm and Kitzbühler Horn and is a considered a coveted destination among expert skiers.

Kitzbühel is famous for its extremely challenging mountain terrain, some of the toughest in the world. It is recognized internationally for hosting the world cup races annually. The triathlon world cup has also recently been hosted in Kitzbühel and this event attracted many recognized celebrities and athletes, almost as many as the world cup races.

Kitzbühel is also recognized among connoisseur's of first class hotel accommodations. The selection of top quality lodging in Kitzbühel includes the world famous Romantikhotel Tennerhof, with its Michelin-starred cuisine.

The area is well known as a popular vacation spot for Europe's young, rich and gorgeous and the night life reflects this. The Londoner is a popular Après-ski spot to head for a few drinks before getting dressed up later for dancing and cocktails at Club Take Five.

Although Kitzbühel's social scene is extremely lively, Kitzbühel is also home to many of the world's foremost skiers and bicycle racers, who train and condition themselves in the high altitude. Kitzbühel is also well known for its celebrity sightings. Charlie Sheen has been recently rumored to have been sighted in Kitzbühel, as has Maria Sharapova.

Kitzbühel is also a place to splurge o­n retail goods. Luxury boutiques abound and spas that will make the most dour feel resplendent cater to even the most particular demands of the pampered--for those willing to pay for it.