Snuggled in the German-speaking region of the Swiss Alps, Gstaad has long been famous as a meeting ground for both the pedigreed elite and the nouveau riche, and by the 1960's this quaint village was dubbed "The Place" by Time Magazine. Gstaad's luxurious accommodations set amidst rugged alpine beauty have attracted top executives and hot celebrities year after year to ski the slopes, sample the local cuisine, dance in the clubs and relax in the sumptuous hotel spas.

Undoubtedly, the winter sports beckon the bold and adventurous to Gstaad, and guests can challenge themselves with downhill skiing, snowboarding, sledding, ice skating, night skiing, snow golf, ice climbing or even heli-skiing. For the less athletically inclined, there are plenty of delightful wintertime amusements including carriage rides through the park, husky tours across the storybook landscapes, or hot-air ballooning over the majestic Alps.

After nightfall, the hotel bars, nightclubs and pubs begin to fill up with an eclectic mix of jet setters. Gstaad patrons can include Hollywood icons like Roger Moore, powerful financial moguls such as George Soros or even vacationing members of the British royal family and other powerful European leaders.

The highlight of the winter season is undoubtedly the Ferrari & Maserati Auction held every December at the famous Gstaad Palace Hotel, an irresistible attraction to the beautiful people all around the world. While staying in Gstaad, celebrity visitors often stroll along the promenade and patronize the exclusive shops, five star restaurants and vibrant night clubs that come alive after sundown.

Undoubtedly, the emphasis that Gstaad businesses have placed o­n fabulous service and impeccable taste throughout the years has paid off handsomely. Gstaad has continued to maintain its reputation as the most exclusive playground of the rich and famous despite many attempts through the years to imitate its appeal.