Eiger North
Eiger Mountain is o­ne of the largest mountains in the Bernese Alps. Located in southern Switzerland, the Northern face is known for it’s sheer but climbable face, which attracts professional mountaineers every year. It is considered o­ne of the six great faces of the Alps, and is considered a high achievement for advanced climbers. It has been conquered many times, but due to the difficulty of the climb and the constant threat of falling rocks and ice, it is still considered to be o­ne of the most challenging climbs in the world. Especially since it has resulted in the death of sixty-four climbers since 1935. There are some areas o­n the lower regions which are easily climbed, and where many basic climbers may train.

Eiger Mountain is home to a number of chalets and other rental properties. The town in the valley below is designed for tourists, and in addition to mountaineering equipment and training it offers fine beds and dining. Eiger Mountain is also home to a train system that goes up through the interior of the mountain and terminates in the world’s highest train platform. The train platform is equipped with several viewing areas that permit visitors to see the valley below. The train is also an excellent way to get to and from Eiger mountain, as it connects with the rest of the Swiss train system.

Eiger from East
Extreme Skiing is becoming popular o­n Eiger Mountain due to the presence of a large but unclimbable glacier. There are a number of helicopter services that will drop skiers o­nto the glacier peak, permitting them to ski or snowboard down to the base. This skiing is known to be extremely difficult, but due to the large amount of virgin snow deposited up there every year, it is very popular among extremely advanced skiers.