Davos in summer
Davos holds the distinction of being the highest city in Europe as well as the site of the largest ski resort in Switzerland. This popular destination of the rich and famous has six main ski areas and is situated 5,188 feet above sea level o­n the Landwasser River in the Swiss Alps.

As early as the 18th century, Davos become a haven not o­nly for wealthy vacationers, but since the climate was deemed by physicians to be beneficial to respiratory patients, suffers from tuberculosis such as Robert Louis Stevenson visited there to convalesce and heal. The local sanatorium was the setting for Thomas Mann's novel "The Magic Mountain."

Davos gained international notoriety as the site of the World Economic Forum (often just referred to as Davos), which was hosted in 2010 by Bill Gates. This annual winter event draws politicians, corporate tycoons and economic moguls from around the world. The political scientist Sam Huntington coined the term "the Davos Man" to define the cadre of "internationalist" who regularly gather at this conference.

Lake Davos
To keep such honored guests comfortable, Davos has an abundance of excellent 5 star hotels and luxurious spas, some located in sumptuously renovated historical buildings surrounded by palatial grounds. To satisfy the palate of the most discriminating connoisseur, Davis offers a magnificent choice of restaurants featuring chefs and dishes from all over the world.

Davos has also been the site of musical events like the Winterjam Music Festival, which featured the popular bands Sum 41 and Guano Apes. The nightlife at hot spots like Bar Rotliechtli (which translated means the "Red Light Bar") keeps the late night crowds that swarm the streets as enchanted with Davos today as writer Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle was in his time when he prowled the popular mountain town.