Lake near Chamonix
The small alpine town of Chamonix in the French Alps is said to embody the very essence of French romance and culture, exuding a charm and sophistication that attract flocks of high society adventure seekers year round. Since the first Winter Olympics were held there in 1924, Chamonix has become a mecca to world class skiers and mountain sport enthusiasts. But the slopes are not the o­nly attraction for the jet set crowd, you can also spot celebrities like Pierce Bronson and Elin Nordegren relishing the fine dining and exciting nightlife that have characterized this small but bustling village for centuries.

The famous Felegre cable car gracefully transports elegant visitors from the valley floor to the five ski resorts in the winter and the beautiful alpine meadows with their crystal clear mountain lakes in the spring and summer. The ride offers spectacular views of Mount Blanc, the tallest mountain in Europe, and takes skiers up the a variety of slopes, some with very challenging runs. Then the cable car brings them back from their exciting day o­n the slopes to the vibrant nightlife of Chamonix, where globetrotters gather to dance to the lively music in the posh nightclubs like the Cantina Club and enjoy the games at the Chamonix Casino.

When not tackling the slopes or dancing the night away, the beautiful people who visit Chamonix luxuriate in hotel spas or shop for designer fashions and cutting-edge sports gear in the local stores. They can often be spotted taking helicopter flights over the beautiful mountains to get a bird's eye view the slopes, or riding the train up to have lunch and visit the Mer De Glace ice cave. Regardless of the season, it seems Chamonix has what it takes to attract the beautiful people year after year.